Brains & Brawn

Volleyball Program

The Brains and Brawn Co-ed Volleyball Program is meant for beginners. Volleyball drills focus on teaching fundamental skills on a weekly basis. These drills encourage good sportsmanship, improve eye-hand coordination, and agility. Brains and Brawn Volleyball looks forward to providing a fun way for students to use their inner and outer strengths and have fun along the way.

Pricing: $225.00
Per six-week session

Co-ed Competitive Leagues

Our participants will have an opportunity to play in a recreational volleyball league where their main focus is learning the fundamentals of volleyball, developing interpersonal skills and having fun.  In addition, players will experience teamwork and attain good sportsmanship skills. This is a co-ed league with players from the ages of 9 through 17, including playoffs and recognition.


Evaluation and Draft Process
Every player will be evaluated within their age group to assess their skill level. Players are then placed onto teams. This process is used to ensure that the teams are evenly matched.

All Co-ed Volleyball Competitive League players will receive a practice t-shirt as well as a game day jersey and shorts.

            Registration: $25.00
Pricing: $275.00
Per twelve-week session